Second Sub-Commission

Tasks of the Sub-Commissions

The Sub-Commissions are the preparatory bodies for the decisions of the Plenary Session. The Plenary Session determines the composition, purpose, and tasks of the Sub-Commissions.

The Sub-Commission may establish Working Groups to study a well-defined problem. It determines the mission and members of the Working Group in question.

Purpose of the Second Regulatory Sub-Commission

  • to define and express the uniform conditions and requirements for testing firearms, equipment, and ammunition in order to prepare the C.I.P.’s decrees (decisions, recommendations, information)
  • to conduct ongoing work, including certain investigations or trials to prepare the decrees
  • to undertake efforts in order to improve the technical regulations of the C.I.P.
  • to effectively implement the rules of the C.I.P.
  • to address specific problems whose study has been entrusted to it by the Plenary Session.